welcome to my website, my name is Cheryl and I'm a winnipeg based photographer and 3d artist. On this website you will see both forms of artwork.

I've been into photography since I was a child but have gotten more into it in the last several years and I think I have grown as an artist.

The majority of my photography is in the landscape/wildlife areas although I also do some sports photography as well. I do travel in the spring/summer months throughout manitoba and am starting to go into saskatchewan and ontario as well.

I hope you will enjoy my images as much as I enjoy creating them. If you are interested in any one of my images for purchase as a print or any other medium - such as postcards,etc I'm sure we can come up with something affordable for you. I may even offer some images as desktop images for a small fee providing that you do not use the images for other purposes.

I do not currently do weddings or portrait sittings as I find there is a lot of competition in these areas, instead I am thinking of getting into pet photography. I have a great love for all animals. If you are in the area and would like to get some photos of your pets please contact me and I'm sure we can arrange something for a reasonable fee. I do own 2cats and often take photos of them as well. . I have started a blog at http://cdunningphotography.blogspot.com/

and I will post there when add some new photos to this website. I am going to take down my other website and you can follow me on the blog. It will be easier for me. I will also post my thoughts of the places I have visited and of course post some of my travels onto the blog.

I currently now have a Canon Rebel t6 and an olypus sp 100ee which has a 50x optical zoom plus a small point and shoot or 2
I have been published a few times including :

canadian wildlife december 2007 issue
destination winnipeg calendar 2007

more of our canada magazine march 2010
the "times" community newspaper November 2010

watertown, south dakota bramble park zoo newsletter fall and winter 2012

I've also had my photo on ctv news as the weather photo several times..the last time being 11;30 pm broadcast on aug 25th... one of my sunrise shots.

I have now created a shopify store and an etsy store please check the link below if you would like any of my images as a product please let me know by sending me an email


is my new shopify store


and my etsy store can be found here:


etsy store

All photos and images are created by me and as such copyrited. These images are not in the public domain.