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In July 2006 we spent the july long weekend in Birtle, manitoba. All of these images are smaller because they were taken with an older camera and I lost the originals when the computer crashed a few years ago
here is some information from wikipedia for you
Birtle is a small town of 690 people (2001 Census), located on the prairies of western Manitoba, Canada at the junction of highways 83 and 42. Incorporated in 1884, the town is situated in the Birdtail River valley. A pleasant place to visit in the summertime (May to September), it features a well-kept golf course, campground, and tennis courts, as well as healthy baseball and soccer leagues. Summers are dry and sunny, with temperatures about 20 degrees Celsius. The winters (November to March) are typical Canadian cold (− 30°C) with plenty of snow. Hockey and curling are popular pastimes, and the town possesses both a hockey rink and a curling rink for such pursuits. The Birtle General Hospital is a surprisingly full-featured hospital for a town of this size; although a shortage of doctors has led to a closure of the emergency room. There are, however, still paramedics operating from the hospital. The local high school (grades 7 to 12), Birtle Collegiate Institute, draws students from surrounding communities, swelling its enrolment to 175 students.
It is now 6 years later and time for another visit for Birtle for the Canada Day weekend, I took a lot of photos with my olympus e420 dslr and my olympus stylus tough. also with the iphone.